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Honey Beauties

Your Honey Beauties

Mariah and Hailey, co-owners of honey beauty, specialize in bridal, special occasion, and event hair and makeup. They offer add on services, and airbrush makeup and have been providing services as a team now for 6 wedding seasons. This sweet-as-honey duo will leave you feeling like you’ve known them forever, and are sure to bring all of your natural beauty to light, no matter the occasion!


Dive deeper with us!

We believe your special day should be an expirence! We love that we get to kick start the day and set the tone for the day. We think you picked us for a reason, we want to vibe with you, and the only way to do that is for you to know more about us! Before you book us, we’d love for you to get to know us! we think it’s important that you know and love who you’re booking your special day beauty with, and we hope this makes your decision a breeze!

Hailey Owens

Hailey Owens


Hey guys! I am Hailey. I was born and raised in the zip code of heaven, Kalispell Montana. I am married to my one true love (John), and we have the most perfect little boy (Ryder). John and I have many hobbies together, but we love the outdoors. We love hunting, fishing, traveling, and just exploring in general. I feel beyond lucky to get to work with my beat friend almost everyday!

“Montana weddings have such an intimate, personal feel to them. I have truly gained friendships from all over the United States from being apart of weddings. They give me that warm feeling inside, and show me that love is still stronger then anything. Watching a bride as she turns into a mirror seeing herself for the first time all ready on her wedding day is what brings me passion for the beauty industry. Montana is the perfect place for love to begin and grow and I am more than proud to be apart of Montana weddings.”

Hailey’s favorite coffee is an iced Americano with white chocolate, salted caramel, and cream! You’ll often find her slinging coffees when she’s not working at the salon or hand-picking items for her online boutique that she owns! 

“My true passion started when I was young and decided to start on myself. I would cut my hair, color it with kool-aid, tried the lemon juice in the tin foil trick, and since then I knew that’s what I wanted in life. As I grew older I would pay attention to people and see what made them feel beautiful. I started to realize what was happening on the outside was affecting people’s inside. I knew I wanted to be apart of something that changed the way people viewed themselves. I love seeing people’s reaction when I turn them in the chair and I can tell their whole day is made. 

That is what keeps me coming back everyday. Beauty to me is like a light, when you feel beautiful you shine bright. I knew I wanted to be apart of the light shinning because that is when people feel joy and what comes around goes around and spreads.” To all of my past brides, thank you for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to grow not only in hairstyling but also in life itself.

Mariah Roby-Sullivan

Mariah Roby-Sullivan

Makeup Artist

"Montana has my heart and soul. A glance at one photo from a Montana elopement can easily make you fall in love and realize this is it for you. I love the diversity and personal feel in every wedding I’ve worked, even in the same location.”

Her favorite coffee is a 20oz iced quad americano with extra ice and a baby splash of cream! You may recognize her as the “Best of the Flathead” Barista—she’s a woman of many talents!

“I found out i had a passion for makeup about 6 years ago. After a lifetime of self doubt, and not knowing who I was, I changed my life. I found God, I found out running and listening to every red dirt playlist was my absolute happy place, I found myself, I got interested in everything skincare/makeup, and I spent every night learning everything i could until I fell asleep.

I’d spend every morning practicing until I nailed it. Until one day, someone asked me if I would do their bridal makeup, and I was shocked! Finally someone saw me exactly how I finally saw myself, and that was all it took. One bride who believed in me, and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the wedding day atmosphere, I loved the way the bridesmaids spoke about her, I loved hearing every engagement story and every bachelorette party night, I loved when the bride finally sat down in front of me and could just breathe and enjoy herself, and I loved most of all, the way she looked at herself in the mirror afterwards. 

I’m love with it all. I have gained SO many friendships over all the years and all the weddings, and honestly each season, I continue to find myself a little bit more with each person I meet. So thank you all for letting me live my dream"

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