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Darby 🤍💍

Our sweet bride Darby was one of a kind. We loved getting to spend time with her, and get to know all about her! She & her fiancé flew from Wisconsin to do a "trial" elopement. They compromised on both a bigger and smaller wedding, and what better way than to fly to the mountains and take some gorgeous pictures.

They used Haley J based in Glacier for beautiful phots, Forage and Floral of Columbia Falls for some amazing flowers, and obviously Honey Beauty for some bridal glam, boho vibes!

Darby is truly a soft soul. She lit up the room when she walked in and lifted all wedding anxiety off our shoulders. We got to have conversations about how she and her fiancé met, and what brought them to Montana for an elopement. We talked about how Mariah and Hailey would love to go to Wisconsin someday because of our love of cheese! 😂 We wish so badly we could be a part of her big wedding in October, and we can't wait to see photos from that day!

Nick & Darby, we wish you an amazing long life together. We love following you life & all you are doing on social media. Thank you for treating us like true friends and making 8/8/23 not feel like work!

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